Easter Preparation Gift Ideas for Your Family

Easter Preparation Gift Ideas for Your Family

When you think about Easter, what is the very first thing that comes into your mind?

Is it egg hunts? 

Lawn games? 

Church sermons? 

Decadent brunches?

Whatever you may think it is, Easter is an annual celebration marking Christ’s passion and cross and His miraculous resurrection from the dead.

In this time of year, devout Christians rejoice and praise in honour of His ultimate sacrifice—HIS LIFE.

And so in commemoration of laying down His precious life to redeem humanity from sin, we celebrate the Holy Season through gift-giving. This gesture is seen as a symbolic virtue of the renewal of life. 

With deep humility, we turn away from the sin and shame of our ‘old life’ and gladly accept His gift of redemption for an everlasting life. In return, we share and extend God's gift of salvation to the rest of mankind.

In the divine celebration of Easter, Little Event Boutique is proud to showcase its collection of gift crafts fully innovated to suit with your theme and message for your loved ones:

Easter Serving Board. Planning for your next Easter brunch feast? Make it more special! 

Introducing our famous serving board. The STAR of the table.

Ideal for sweet, tasty servings, put chocolate eggs, marshmallow bunnies, chocolate carrots, scones, muffins, pancake, etc. anything you want to add, arrange them the way you want on this fine board. 

Easter Bunny Footprint Stencils

Whether it is food or play? Easter has always room for adventure! 

Try out these cutie bunny footprint stencils and create a fun activity for kids and kids at heart. Let them hop with excitement as they trail their way to the mystical secret of the Easter Bunny.

Easter Bunny Ornament. Although bunnies have stemmed from ancient pagan tradition, these creatures present the same symbolic qualities with Easter, being figures of rebirth and new life. 

That’s why we are adding them to our Easter holiday through these adorable bunny ornaments. After all, how can you ignore them? They are just too cute to handle!

Whether for big or small celebrations, these lovable Easter bunny ornaments are perfect for your Easter table setup and treat baskets available in various colours and personalised with the names of your choice. 

DIY Easter Basket Kit. Descended from pagan traditions, baskets are seen as symbolic nests and are specifically used by children in modern Easter egg hunts to carry their prizes.

This Easter, get your family crafty and involved, gather everyone to make their own Easter baskets with our DIY Easter basket kit. They are just easy to make!

Easter Eve Box.  The solemn celebration is not complete without a magnificent eve box!

Popular amongst youngsters, this seasonal box is designed to be opened the day before Easter with goodies perfect for a fun Easter day.

Want a little sneak peek?

The box contains a bunch of exciting treasures including an Easter egg hunting kit.

Easter Bunny Board. Brunch? Snack? Accentuate your food presentation with this bunny snack board etched with a sweet message to the Easter Bunny of revival and resurrection.

Make it an adorable plating platform for hummus, veggies, and crackers and have a merry Easter celebration.

For gifts of meaning that touches the heart, Little Event Boutique is one brand that sets the mark. We offer gift products that cater to your needs, corporate or personal, no matter what the intention, there is something to wrap for.

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