Top 10 Cool Corporate Gift Ideas for Australian Clients

Top 10 Cool Corporate Gift Ideas for Australian Clients

There is an impact in giving.

In social psychology, it is believed that when an individual receives a favour, a good deed, or a gift from another person, they develop an innate feeling of wanting to give back or return for a favour. And as humans, our inherent nature is we always give way to voluntary giving or sharing.

With this, it’s no surprise that giving has become an effective strategy in marketing through corporate gifting. As marketing strategists would say, a corporate gift can help boost brand awareness among consumers and prospective business partners — Australian clients in particular.

Australians, in general, are simplistic people and just want things casual and relaxed. They are not really complicated to please and so sentimental. They’ll surely appreciate whatever personalised corporate gift you’ll give them. 

Giving out corporate giveaways is rarely expected but considered a pleasant gesture, most especially, when it’s related to the person’s business or hobbies, but you must avoid gifts that will be perceived as a bribe. Remember, trust is a hard thing to build and an easy thing to lose. So be careful not to get misunderstood. 

So whether you’re looking to say thank you, celebrate a milestone or simply show your appreciation, reduce the hassle of visiting multiple stores online just to seek what you want. Little Event Boutique has got you covered with its wide selection of thoughtful and unique gift ideas that are sure to impress your clients. We encourage you to keep reading to find the perfect gift that will resonate with your Australian clients:

Leather Wine Totes. Australia has a diverse and impressive wine industry with a wide variety of wines from 65 different regions contributing over $40 billion to the Australian economy.

In customary business practice, a bottle of wine is a good business gift symbolising goodwill and good relationships.

With this, it would be a wonderful opportunity to showcase the country’s finest wines to your stakeholders presenting them as tokens of appreciation. You need to stick with the classics sometimes. 

But your corporate giveaway is complete without encasing these drinks in a personalised leather wine tote, a perfect business accessory to introduce your branding and profound gratitude to your partners effectively.

Note: Include tasting notes or pairing suggestions when packing.

Logo Coasters. In dining, coasters help keep condensation from drinks from leaving water marks behind, but this practical home essential can be used for a different purpose.

Use coasters to easily and cheaply get your company logo on every desk. 

LEB’s promotional logo coaster will do the job for you, keeping your brand on display long after your event has passed, and leaving a lasting impression with your guests.

Plaque Personalised Tags. Lightweight, durable, and aesthetically pleasing, plaque-personalised tags are a surefire way to wrap up your event.

Greet your guests in style with these tags are personalised to convey a striking message the way you want it. Maybe a “thank you for coming” or any commemorative greeting will do.

Available in various colours and fonts, your guests will keep talking about your event even after it has ended.

Drinking Glass Tokens. If you want to host a party but seem like more of an annual awards night on the side to thank your partners without having to eliminate the branding part, you can make it lowkey.

As you see, a party is never complete without drinks. 

You can use it as an opportunity.

Try adding class to your glass by putting these adorable drinking glass tokens. Whether you like to include a logo or a name on it, these tokens serve their purpose.

Leather Portfolios. Leather portfolios are a thoughtful and practical gift for people on the go. Handy, compact, and easy to carry, it’s an essential companion when taking down notes whenever or wherever you are.

LEB’s personalised A5 leather portfolio ruled pages are suitable for jotting down thoughts, goals, and to-do lists for day-to-day agendas. The notebook also includes an internal pocket for storing loose papers.

Kitchen Boards. Aside from the usual gifts like notebooks, pens, calendars, and other office stuff, think out of the box and explore. The relationships one gain don’t only revolve around business alone, but it also covers the personal side of life too. Business is not just business. It’s life.

When you think about a gift, it doesn’t need to be so formal, what matters is the heart and the value you put in it. So brainstorm. 

It could be something they could use outside the office or preferably at home.

Well, you might consider offering them a personalised kitchen board to be used as their daily utensil to prepare their hearty meals. Every time they use the personalised serving board you gave them, they’ll remember how much your company values them as their partner.

Our kitchen boards are made from premium wood so you’ll be ensured of their quality and durability. Perfect for any occasion.

Circular Place cards. Want to make your guests feel more special and acknowledged?  Check out these circular place cards available for every budget, style, and need. Though they are just simple, don’t underestimate them, they are not just ornaments, they’re on the list for a reason.

Circular place cards point each guest to his/her particular seat at the table.

Sounds minimal importance, but believe it or not, it drives an emotional impact towards each guest adding a thoughtful touch and a wholesome ‘welcome’ vibe on their part. 

Cutout Place Cards. The more elaborate, the better! 

Aside from circular place cards, Little Event Boutique also has cutout name place cards prepared just for you.

With its popped-up design and intricate detailing, it’s easy to be seen from afar. So no more ‘getting lost’ moments with guests plus less assistance. Since each seat is already labelled with bolder cutout names.

Keyrings. As mentioned earlier, when thinking about what to give to your guests, choose something that they can use every day, like circular personalised keyrings as an example.

You can personalise them as a souvenir item or as a promotional item.

Thank You Tags. Say, thank you with finesse…

In the business world, you shouldn’t just simply say thank you alone, you must attach the greeting with a gift. 

Available here are circular engraved thank you tags that you can attach when wrapping up your giveaway promo bags and bonbonniere boxes.

We sell it in a range of colours and fonts. You can have the option to add an expertly cut hole at the top of the tag and can be ordered in regular or mini sizes.

When you talk about brands that speak your mind and values, Little Event Boutique does that. We want to make sure we cater for your needs and see to it that you are satisfied. We aim to be a corporate gifting partner you can trust. 

Check out our personalised gifts.

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